Working with style guides, cutter guides, manufacturers and licensors

Packaging Design

Packaging Design, West Midlands, UK

Since we started SO Visual, we have worked closely with Golden Bear Toys completing packaging design projects for various brands. With our background in the toy industry, working to tight deadlines using a style guide is second nature to us. Whilst we are usually supplied with a cutter guide for the packaging, more often than not we will even adapt those (with approval) to get the packaging looking at it’s best. Amongst other brands, the biggest projects we have had are the GO MINI range of licensed MINI toys, and the pre school brand In The Night Garden. For both brands, we were tasked to work with and strengthen a specific style guide that follows the brand. We looked over the style guide in detail, and used it to design the packaging, that was regularly sent over for approval from both the manufacturer, and licensors.

Most manufacturers have graphic design in house already, but due to the seasonal characteristics of the industry they are in, they can become quickly swamped. This is where we come in, we’re available at relatively short notice, to take on the overflow of work that may suddenly show it’s head. Once we’ve had a quick meeting to discuss exactly what is required of us, we’ll get cracking asap, and work until the job is done. If you think this is relevant to your company in terms of packaging design, drop us an email! We’re more than happy to come for a visit, and we’re here if you ever need us.

As we have a photography studio in house, we also photograph a lot of product images that were not only used for packaging, but also online and in print. This is an advantage, as whilst one of us is working on the packaging artwork, another can be photographing the products in the studio, meaning (quite importantly) we can turn the artwork around quicker than usual, without jeopardising the quality of the packaging. To check out some of our photography work, including our 360º photography service, visit the photography section of our website. If our packaging design service is of interest to you, send us a message via our contact form, or give us a call on 01785 254656.