Marketing and Promotional Material

Baswich Bridge Campaign

Marketing and promotional artwork designed for Stafford County Council to advertise the opening of the Baswich pedestrian bridge.

Marketing Material Graphic Design, Staffordshire West Midlands

Staffordshire County Council contacted us prior to the grand opening of a new bridge which links Baswich to Stafford (Tixall Road) and therefore eradicates the need for pedestrians and cyclists having to walk/ride along a dangerous section of road. We designed the look and feel of the campaign artwork from scratch, including drawing a 2d version of the bridge using the concept drawings for reference. We wanted the posters/flyers etc to be eye catching, and also have a rural feel to them, as the bridge would cut through fields in order to allow people to walk in safety.

Marketing Material, Campaign artwork, branding, graphic design, artwork

We started off by designing a concept poster of the artwork, which was sent back to the Council for approval from a number of employees. Once the concept was approved, we then designed an all singing all dancing poster with all of the vital information on it. After the poster was complete, it was a case of adapting the style guide we had developed, into other forms of marketing material. We ended up designing posters, flyers, banners, pop up banners and leaflets for the campaign. 

As with most projects, this one came with a deadline, that we managed by prioritising tasks in order to meet print deadlines. All artwork was sent over for approval whenever changes were made, to ensure that we didn’t waste any valuable time, and go down the wrong path. We received good feedback from the Council, which is always good to hear as there are a lot of people involved in such a big campaign.

marketing material, Campaign artwork, branding, graphic design, artwork,

The best part of working on the Baswich Bridge project, was seeing all of our marketing material artwork in use out and about around Stafford! Being able to point and say “I did that” is a good feeling. The bridge opening went well, and it was great to have the opportunity to be involved in such an important development. If you have an upcoming grand opening that requires marketing material artwork design, why not get in touch to see if we can help?